The goal of every wellness treatment is achieving physical and mental relaxation. We are certain that you will feel younger, more beautiful and more relaxed after time spent in our "Oasis of peace".


Classical medicinal massage
- it is based on western anatomy and physiology. Movements used usually follow the direction of blood flow from soft tissues toward the heart. The range of movements varies, from long movements using the entire palm surface, to vibrating movements and pinching. The goal is to relax muscular tension and eliminate myogelosis.

Sports massage
- sports massage hastens the organism recovery after training, it helps heat up and soften tissues, align muscle fibers, and increase circulation; it hastens expelling of waste matter and lactic acid from the organism. Sports massage keeps the muscles healthy, nimble, and less susceptible to injury; it increases the range of movements, strengthens injured muscles, speeds up the process of their strengthening and improves blood flow.

Relax massage
- relax massage is a gentle and pleasant hand massage in which organism relaxation is achieved through energy flow consolidation. The extreme relaxation is achieved combining the massage with an appropriate ambient, diverse techniques and warm essential oils.


Turkish/steam sauna
- Turkish bath is extremely beneficial for respiratory system revitalization. Steam moistens and cleans airways, opens up skin pores and has a positive detox effect. Temperatures of 45°C (113°C) and high humidity have an ideal effect on skin and act as muscle relaxers. The end result is a feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation.

Finnish sauna
- this sauna is a traditional form providing health benefits through sweating. The air in sauna is dry and hot. Temperatures range between 85 - 88°C (185 - 190°F) (near the floor of the cabin it is about 40°C (104°F), reaching up to 100°C (212°C) at the top). Air humidity is between 10 - 30 %. Hot air, as well as hot-cool air exchange, holds health benefits. Sauna excites blood flow and stimulates skin, joins and inner organs perfusion, cleans pores, strengthens and tightens skin and helps prevent colds and various inflammatory skin processes.


- Thermal Aquapark "oasis of peace" contains a whirlpool. It incorporates various underwater massages, a filtering system, and water heating and disinfecting systems. Using the whirlpool within the "oasis of peace" is free of charge.If you use the sauna, relaxing in the whirlpool is free of charge.